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Financial Info

Our BMB Dental Clinic team will do whatever we can to make your dental services affordable. We strive to make our rates for dental services competitive and accept a variety of payment options for your convenience. 

If you have questions about financing your dental care, your insurance plan or any other payment-related enquiry, we welcome your call.

Payment Plans

Sometimes it's easier to pay for your dental care if it's split into payments instead of a lump sum. If that's the case, these payment plans may be beneficial to you.

DentiCare Payment Solutions:

We are pleased to accept DentiCare Payment Solutions for dental services that cost over $500. With DentiCare, patients can pay for dental care over a period of time instead of in one payment. It is considered a direct debit payment plan.

Benefits of DentiCare include:

Zero-interest plans.

  • An affordable setup fee of only $39
  • Only 20% of the total balance of dental services is due upfront, and the remainder is directly debited from your account over an extended amount of time
  • No complicated paperwork. Simply complete the two-page direct debit request form, and our friendly team will take it from there
  • Flexible payment terms of up to 18 months depending on the amount, with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payment arrangements
  • Choose between credit card or savings account for debit payments

Visit for the terms and conditions and more information.

Latitude Gem Visa Credit Card:

This credit card offers another option for patients who prefer to pay in instalments. 

Benefits of Latitude Gem Visa credit card include:

  • No interest for the first six months on everyday Visa purchases over $250 or no interest for up to 55 days on purchases below $250
  • No interest on the credit card balance during those interest-free six months, just a $99 annual fee
  • Revolving line of credit which patients may use for future dental treatments or other purchases
  • Simple monthly payments
  • The entire family can use this payment method for treatments without having to re-apply

To apply for the Latitude Gem Visa credit card and read the terms and conditions, you can visit


Yet another option for those who prefer long-term, small payments over a lump sum payment, Afterpay is helpful for a variety of dental treatments, including root canal treatments, dental implants and crowns and bridges. It can be an ideal option if you need treatment now but can't cover the treatment financially until a later date.

Afterpay Benefits:

  • Fast, easy set up makes using AfterPay convenient
  • Four equal bi-weekly instalments
  • A smartphone app makes managing payments simple
  • Use an existing account or card 
  • Receive an instant decision on whether or not you're approved

To learn more about Afterpay and the terms and conditions, you can visit


Spread out your payments over time with Openpay. This payment plan service includes a variety of benefits.

Benefits of Openpay:

  • No interest
  • Available for more than just dental care and can be used for different services
  • Pay one instalment now and finish your payments with bi-weekly or weekly payments
  • Easy sign up with an app

For more information on Openpay and its terms and conditions, visit

Insurance and Health Funds

We want to make your dental visits as easy and accessible as possible. Therefore, we accept all insurances through HICAPS. Please bring your health fund or insurance card with you to every visit so we can quickly process your claim by swiping it through the HICAPS terminal.

We're also a Medibank and NIB provider, and a provider for AAMI, Qantas, APIA, Suncorp and GUHealth. In addition, we do bulk billing for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), which provides up to $1000 in benefits for a period of two years for some eligible children. If you want to know if your child qualifies, contact Medicare or Centrelink, or find more information on the Australian Government website.

Payment Options

In addition to accepting insurance, health funds and providing payment plans, we also accept varying payment options, including:

  • Cash
  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Amex)

We invite you to contact our team with any enquiries regarding payment for your dental services.

Warranty Periods

We are confident about services provided by us, so we guarantee them. This gives you peace of mind which if anything goes wrong and it is caused by us, we are always happy to fix that for you free of charge. We guarantee different services for different periods. Although there are some services which we did not mention below, we always try to provide good customer support, and there is always room for discussion about what we can do to solve the issue.

Our Warranty to You

Dental Implant and Its Components

Dental implants are guaranteed against manufacturing defects. This means, if the implant itself or any of the components break or fail, we will replace that for you free of charge. Of course, some extensive work needs to be done to remove the broken implant and replacing it, but we cover that for you as well. Accidental damage or negligence in caretaking is not covered.

Dental Crown, Bridge and Porcelain Veneer

Warranty is against any chipping or breaking during normal function and as long as there is no accident or negligence in caretaking from the patient side is involved.

Denture, Root Canal Therapy and Night Guard

Dentures and guards are guaranteed against any manufacturing fault. This includes breaking, chipping or for dentures, tooth separation during normal function. Any accidental damage is not covered.

For root canal therapy, it is covered against any problem which we cause. Please consider that the root canal system is very complicated by its nature, and there is always a 10 per cent chance of failure.

Dental Filling and Composite Veneer

We cover fillings and composite veneers against any chipping, breaking or separation from the tooth during normal function. Any negligence in caretaking from the patient side is not covered.

Our Privacy Policy

BMB Dental Pty Ltd (trading as BMB Dental Clinic) privacy policy for attending patients:

We respect your privacy, and we make sure to keep our records safe. We collect your personal information and health history to provide you with better health services. Also, this information will be used for billing purposes, processing payments, debt collections and sending you letters, emails or SMSs as reminders and recalls. In addition, we may collect information about your health from other health professionals or provide them with your health information upon their request if, according to our judgment, it is in your best interest. We may also use part of your health information for study purposes and case shows. However, in those situations, we never disclose your identity.

© 2015 All rights reserved, BMB Dental Pty Ltd, trading as BMB Dental Clinic.

To download our privacy policy and terms and conditions, click here.

Terms and Conditions

BMB Dental Pty Ltd (trading as BMB Dental Clinic) terms, conditions and policies for attending patients:

In this document ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ will refer to BMB Dental Clinic, Dr Babak Moharrami and/or dental assistant and/or receptionist which is providing the service at the time patient attends to the clinic. Likewise ‘you’ and ‘your’ refers to patient and/or patient’s guardian regardless of if guardian attends to the clinic at the time of patient attendance or not.

By signing this document or attending to BMB Dental Clinic, you agree to abide by all terms and conditions below.

While we always try our best to inform you of your current or potential dental disease or dental problem, its diagnosis and prognosis, the treatment options and best treatment plan, potential side effects of treatment or possible accidental damages to your tooth, mouth or general health, the detailed and total cost of treatment and the time span needed for performing the treatment plan, It is only your responsibility to ask for whatever information which you possibly could be interested in to know before the start of treatment. By agreeing to us to start the treatment for you, you give us the consent that you have been informed enough about your treatment and all other related matters mentioned above.

All balances need to be paid at the end of each session. In case of late payment, a 1% monthly interest (12% a year) will be applied. Any balance which still left after 3 months will be sent to debt collectors. The cost of collection and monthly interest will be added to the original balance before sending it off to  debt collector.

In case of a partially done treatment which you do not want to have it finished for any reason, we keep the right to ourselves to decide to charge you in full or in partial.

We keep the right to change our service prices without any notice. All prices mentioned on your treatment plans which we print and hand out to you are only valid for 3 month from the date of issue. We keep the right to change your treatment plan whenever we recognise it is in your best interest. We will inform you about the changes before performing it. Change in treatment plan may cause change in total cost of treatment and is payable by you.

We keep the right to refer you to specialist whenever we feel it is in your best interest. We will inform you from decision and the reasons and you will get charged partially depending on the amount of work has been done. We are not liable for any cost you incur from seeing the specialist and it is your responsibility to pay the cost of treatment by specialist.

We guarantee all our services. Depending on type of the service the warranty period will be different. For details on warranty periods visit our website at We keep the right to change the warranty periods for any individual service at anytime without any notice.

All the services which involve ordering any product from dental laboratories are guaranteed by us but the product will be guaranteed by laboratory. For providing you with a replacement for the guaranteed product we may need to redo some procedures which we cover them under our service warranty. We are not liable for any damage or harm those products or replacing them may cause for you.

We keep the right to work with any dental lab which we prefer and feel it is in the best interest of our patients.

We are not liable for any dental product or oral hygiene product which we sell or give you as a sample for free. We do our best to make sure of the quality of those products but we are not liable for any possible damage or harm they may cause you for any reason.

All the information and instructions provided on our website is purely for your general knowledge and is not a substitute for proper dental or medical advice. We are not liable for any consequences of following or using that information and instructions. We keep the right to change the content of our website without any notice.

Our special offers are available to you only after a careful evaluation of your teeth and oral environment. We keep the right to deny doing any treatment that we think is not in your best interest. We keep the right to change our special offers at any time without notice.

Our free consultation is not a comprehensive exam and does not include any x-ray. It is mainly for a quick assessment of your teeth and giving you the treatment options, treatment plan or a quote regarding what is the concern for you.

© 2019 All rights reserved, BMB Dental Pty Ltd, trading as BMB Dental Clinic.

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