Preventative Dentistry in Mona Vale

At BMB Dental Clinic, our skilled team provides exceptional preventive services, helping our patients keep their teeth and gums in excellent condition with comprehensive dental exams, six-monthly dental cleans and other preventive measures. 

Why Are Dental Cleans Important?

Dental cleans are vital to your oral health and hygiene. Dentists recommend visiting the dental clinic at least every six months for a clean and check-up for most patients. However, if you've been diagnosed with gum disease, the dentist may recommend more frequent visits to the clinic to manage your dental issue.

During a dental clean at BMB Dental Clinic, we will gently but scrupulously remove plaque and dental calculus, also known as tartar, from the patient's teeth. 

We do this because a buildup of plaque and tartar, which the patient can't remove with simple brushing and flossing, can damage the gums if not removed, causing irritation and inflammation. After experiencing inflammation, the gum eventually shrinks, leaving the patients with gum recession and potential tooth loss.

After we complete a thorough clean, we often apply a highly-concentrated fluoride solution to the patient's teeth to help strengthen the teeth and prevent cavities. 

Why Are Check-Ups Needed?

With regular check-ups, our knowledgeable dental team can watch for developing problems with the patient's oral health, including dental decay. Dental decay begins with de-calcification of the tooth's enamel, which often has an origin in acid produced by bacteria.

De-calcification means that the enamel loses calcium, which makes it porous. When decay is in this stage, it appears as a white spot on the tooth. If it's caught early on, we can sometimes restore the calcium and fluoride ions to the spot, and it will return to normal. However, if the spot has already begun to turn dark, we may be able to stop its progress but probably won't have the ability to reverse the dark stain. 

Once the decay progresses through the enamel and reaches the inner layer known as the dentin, the dentist must remove the decay and treat the cavity with a filling. 

If the cavity goes untreated and progresses even further, it will eventually reach the nerve in the tooth's pulp chamber. Opening the pulp chamber will allow bacteria to enter, leading to infection. At that point, the dentist will have no option but root canal treatment. 

We explain this to illustrate the importance of regular check-ups. When we catch problems early on, we can often treat them conservatively and prevent the need for invasive dental work. 

With routine visits, we can also help patients manage and prevent gum disease and check for oral cancer to provide an early diagnosis.

Dental Cleans in Mona Vale

For patients needing dental cleans and check-ups in Mona Vale, Dr Babak Moharrami is here to help. We provide top-notch preventive dental care because we know how much easier it is for our patients to prevent, rather than treat, complex dental problems. Plus, we enjoy seeing patients leave our clinic with cleaner teeth and healthier smiles. 

We invite you to contact our helpful team to arrange your visit for preventive dental services.