Root Canal Treatment in Mona Vale, NSW

We understand that patients sometimes feel nervous about root canal treatment due to its reputation. However, root canal treatment is not particularly painful. In fact, we do everything we can to make our patients' root canal procedures in our Mona Vale dental practice as comfortable as possible.

Many patients actually enjoy great relief after the procedure due to the pain they had been experiencing in the tooth. 

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

We must perform root canal treatment to save a tooth when the tooth becomes infected, often due to decay. When decay reaches the nerve area in the tooth's pulp chamber, bacteria can enter, causing an infection. 

When this happens, the patient often experiences severe pain. To ease the pain and remove the infection, the dentist must remove the pulp tissue, which contains the nerve and blood vessels. 

The dentist then cleans, fills and seals the root canal system. The root canals must be filled. Otherwise, they will get infected later on. Any empty space with a lack of blood supply increases the chances for bacteria to develop, which may result in infection. 

The dentist may also place a crown over the tooth to protect it since the root canal treatment weakens the tooth's structure.

How Do You Make Root Canal Treatment Comfortable?

When a dentist performs root canal treatment, they thoroughly numb the area before beginning to ensure comfort for the patient.

At BMB Dental Clinic, we also encourage nervous patients to take advantage of the televisions in our procedure rooms as a distraction or to bring their own music with earbuds so that they can enjoy a more pleasant experience. 

What Should Patients Expect After a Root Canal?

After a root canal treatment at BMB Dental Clinic, our knowledgeable dentist, Dr Babak Moharrami, will provide the patient with complete instructions for properly caring for their tooth while heals. 

Generally, patients can expect to experience some tenderness or mild pain after the procedure. However, most patients can successfully manage any discomfort with over-the-counter painkillers. Dentists sometimes prescribe antibiotics for patients as well to prevent further infection. 

Additionally, Dr Moharrami advises patients undergoing root canal treatment to avoid putting any excess pressure on the tooth as the tooth will be brittle due to the treatment and may break. That means you should avoid chewing with the tooth as much as possible until your root canal treatment is completed. 

Don't Hesitate to Ask Questions

If you are experiencing severe pain or other symptoms that you suspect might mean you aren't healing well after a root canal treatment, we welcome your call to our clinic. We may book a follow-up visit with Dr Moharrami to ensure your healing is progressing as planned.

Root Canal Treatment in Mona Vale

In our Mona Vale dental practice, we offer gentle root canal treatment for patients to remove infection and promote the best healing. 

If you have tooth pain, we invite you to contact BMB Dental Clinic to arrange an appointment with Dr Moharrami.