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Our knowledgeable team at BMB Dental Clinic, led by experienced dentist Dr Babak Moharrami, use up-to-date dental technologies to make your dental visits faster, more comfortable and more precise.

With top-of-the-line technology, we can improve our patients' dental care experiences and create better oral health more quickly and easily.

Laser Dentistry

Dentists can use laser dentistry to perform a range of dental procedures, including cosmetic treatments. Laser dentistry is also popular for treating gum disease. Dentists must undergo advanced training to perform laser dentistry, and when performed properly, it's safe and can be very effective.

With laser treatments, patients may enjoy a shorter healing time and less bleeding than would occur with a scalpel or other traditional dental tools. The dental laser may also help patients feel more comfortable and relaxed during the procedure since there is no noise involved, as there would be with a drill, for example.

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digital dental x-rays in mona vale

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays allow us to accurately diagnoses a variety of dental problems. In addition, they're fast and comfortable for most patients, and we can store the images we capture in the patient's digital records for future reference.

We often use digital x-rays to spot decay and bone loss that wouldn't be visible with the naked eye. They're also helpful in planning complex procedures, like the placement of dental implants and root canal procedures.

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dental loupes in mona vale

Dental Loupes

Dental loupes are basically magnifying glasses. However, instead of holding a magnifying glass, the dentist wears the magnifiers like eyeglasses during dental exams and treatments. Dentists wear loupes to improve their vision while performing dental work and exams. 

With an enlarged view of your teeth and gums, dentists can see small details they wouldn't be able to see with their normal vision, which allows them to provide more precise and accurate treatments and diagnoses. Dental loupes may also be outfitted with lights to help the dentist illuminate the area where they're working. 

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digital dental impressions in mona vale

Digital Impressions

With digital impressions, we can quickly and easily create a 3-D map of your teeth. We can then send the digital mould to the lab, where they can use the impressions to create customised clear aligners, dentures or other prosthetics.

Many patients prefer digital impressions to the old method of taking impressions, which required the use of a goopy material. Now, we can simply scan your teeth using a tool that looks similar to a wand. The process is comfortable, efficient and takes only minutes.

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television in rooms at the dentist in mona vale

Television in Rooms

To make your visits to BMB Dental Clinic more pleasant, we provide televisions in our exam and procedure rooms. Television can offer a welcome distraction to patients who feel nervous about their dental care and for those who simply need the entertainment to make a lengthy procedure go by faster.

We want you to feel relaxed in our dental clinic, so if you're nervous, please let our team know if there are any other ways to make your visit more calming. 


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Rotary Endodontics

With rotary endodontics, we use an electrically powered tool with a flexible tip to improve root canal treatment, making it more accurate and less invasive. The flexible nickel-titanium tip can move within the tooth at angles that weren't possible with previous technologies, which means we can get to the root canal more directly, causing less damage to the tooth along the way. 

We enjoy providing effective root canal therapy with rotary endodontics in our Mona Vale dental practice to relieve patients' pain and remove the infection.

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digital dental sensors in mona vale

Digital Sensors

Digital sensors are an excellent alternative to traditional digital x-rays for some patients. With this type of x-ray, the patient can stay comfortably in the dental chair while the x-rays are taken. The dentist or dental professional places the compact digital sensor comfortably in the patient's mouth and quickly takes a set of high-quality x-rays. 

These x-rays are high-resolution, and we can easily save them to your digital records for further examination. This type of x-ray also emits much lower radiation levels than former x-ray methods, making it desirable for many patients.

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Intraoral Cameras

A dentist can use an intraoral camera during a patient's exam to show the patient exactly what he or she sees in their mouth, which can make understanding a diagnosis easier. The dentist may also use the intraoral camera to explain a procedure by showing you exactly where they'll be performing dental work.

We can capture high-quality images with the intraoral camera during the exam, which we can track the document developing problems and for your digital records.

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dental digital records in mona vale

Digital Records

Our skilled dental team keep digital records for each patient to make their dental care more effective and their diagnoses and treatments more accurate. Your digital records may include images captured by an intraoral camera during an exam, x-rays, digital impressions and other records that help us track your dental situation. 

With excellent record-keeping, we can improve our patients' dental experience, helping them keep an eye on their oral health over the course of months and years. We can provide relevant information for insurance claims and others who may need records of your dental services.

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