BMB Dental Clinic

Dr Babak Moharrami

Principal Dentist

As the principal dentist and owner of BMB Dental Clinic, Dr Babak Moharrami provides comprehensive dental services to patients, including basic dental care and complex treatments. He graduated from Qazvin University in Iran in 2000 and has been practising dentistry since that time. He gained two years of valuable experience in a dental clinic in Tehran, Iran before establishing his own dental practice. After that, he spent five more years getting hands-on dental experience and learning dental practice management. 

In 2007, ready for a new challenge, Dr Moharrami moved to Australia and sat for the ADC (Australian Dental Council) exam, the biggest dental exam in Australia. According to the ADC, the exam ensures that Australian dental practitioners meet the high standards required of the dental professions in Australia. Dr Moharrami passed the ADC exam in 2008, proving his dedication to excellent dentistry, and began his career as an Australian dentist at Fairfield Dental Healthcare Clinic in Fairfield, NSW.

Dr Moharrami spent three years with the Fairfield practice, gaining a vast amount of knowledge and experience in Australian dentistry, and then opened his own dental clinic, BMB Dental Clinic, in December of 2011 in beautiful Mona Vale. However, while growing his practice, he continued working part-time at the Fairfield dental practice.

In August of 2013, thanks to people who trusted him, he embarked on full-time dentistry in his Mona Vale practice, and he has been a part of the Mona Vale community ever since. At BMB Dental Clinic, he enjoys offering high-quality, affordable dental care to his fellow community members, in addition to people from surrounding areas. He tries his best to help them improve their quality of life, whether they need restorative treatments, preventive care or to make smile improvements with cosmetic dentistry. 

Dr Moharrami prizes honesty, and he's always honest and upfront with his patients about their dental services and treatments. So when you visit BMB Dental Clinic, you can rest assured that Dr Moharrami has your best interests in mind. In dentistry, he strives to be as gentle and considerate as possible, and he's had many referrals from other patients who have recommended him to their friends and family members. He considers patient referrals his greatest achievement, and he's always thrilled to see referred patients. Referrals mean he's done an excellent job for a patient, and there's little that makes him happier.