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Denture Maintenance

June 21, 2021
Posted By: BMB Dental Clinic
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Take out your denture at night before you go for sleep. This gives your gums some time to rest as denture pushes on gum during the day.

Wash your denture at least once a day. You can brush them with your brush but do not use tooth paste for brushing them as it scratches the denture. Alternatively you can rinse them with soap and water.

Make sure you wash your mouth at least once a day. Brush and use mouth wash when possible.

Always keep your denture wet. Specially full dentures can shrink or distort if left dry.

When you take your denture out at night, put it in a container and add some water to it. It is a good idea to add some salt or mouth wash like Listerine to the container to disinfect the denture during night.

Once a month or so, use denture cleaning tablets ( you can by them from chemist ) to clean them from germs and build up. Usually you can soak your denture in that cleaning solution over night like you do with salt or Listerine.

Regarding any sort of denture glue, make sure you clean it off the denture and your mouth every night and use it again the day after.

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