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Teeth Whitening Instructions

May 21, 2021
Posted By: BMB Dental Clinic
teeth whitening in mona vale

For the start try 15 minutes wearing the bleaching trays every day and after a couple of days you can extend that to 30 minutes.

You don’t need to bleach the back teeth or the inside of the front teeth so just bleach the outer surface of the front teeth.

You need just as small as a drop of bleaching material inside the tray for each tooth on the outer part.

It is better to brush your teeth before bleaching and avoid tea or coffee for at least half an hour before and after having the trays on your teeth.

Always wash your mouth after taking the trays out or have a gentle brushing with sensitive tooth paste.

While you have trays in your mouth sit down or stand up but do not lay down or sleep.

Make sure you use the correct amount of bleaching material , if you put too much, it will go over your gum and burn your gum. Anytime you feel burning on your gum, don’t delay. Take it out, wash your mouth and trays and do all over again or leave it for the next day.

If you get some sensitivity on your teeth after doing the bleaching or get white spots on your teeth, start using a sensitive tooth paste instead of your normal one, or contact your dentist to get a tooth moose.

Usually you need to over bleach your teeth as its shade relapse a little bit after finishing the whitening course. So when you happy with the shade of your teeth continue on bleaching for another one or two days and then stop.

After couple of months, depending on your dietary regimen and how much soft drinks, tea and coffee you drink during a day, also how good is your oral hygiene, your teeth will get yellow again and you need to do the bleaching again.

Always keep the bleaching kit in the fridge for future use.

To download a PDF version of these instructions, click here.