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What are bone graft materials?

Bone grafts in Mona Vale, NSW, act as fillers and scaffolding to promote wound healing and facilitate bone formation. Four main types of bone graft materials are available after tooth extraction and before a dental implant:

  • Autograft – tissue from the patient's own body
  • Allograft – donor tissue from another human 
  • Xenograft – tissue from another animal 
  • Synthetic – non-biological, artificially produced 

An autograft is ideal for bone grafting because we collect it from another part of your body. If we use an autograft, we typically collect bone from the chin, back or lower jaw, or even the hips.

Allografts are another common type of bone graft material. The donor tissue is safe and effective, but there's a risk the patient's body can reject another person's tissue. 

Xenografts use bovine (cow) or porcine (pig) bone and are commonly used.

Synthetic bone graft materials are artificial and have a higher risk of resorption over time. 

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