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Can bleaching damage my teeth?

At BMB Dental Clinic, we offer safe and effective professional teeth whitening treatments to patients. Our experienced dentist oversees all bleaching treatments, whether you’re undergoing chairside or home bleaching. 

While bleaching can cause tooth sensitivity for some patients, professional bleaching services from our Mona Vale dental practice should not damage your teeth in any way. Even home bleaching kits provided by our clinic should not damage your teeth when used appropriately and as instructed. 

However, the bleach should not be used on your gums, so be careful to avoid letting it run onto your sensitive gum tissue.

Why Do My Teeth Hurt After Bleaching?

People who have a history of sensitive teeth may experience a bit of pain when their teeth are exposed to cold after bleaching. Again, this is due to tooth sensitivity. 

When you whiten your teeth, the bleaching process can open the orifice of the dentin tubules, which is the opposite of what occurs when you use toothpaste for sensitive teeth. The open orifices make your teeth sensitive to cold. 

Safe Bleaching in Mona Vale

The best way to whiten your teeth safely is with the supervision of a dentist. If you’re interested in creating a brighter smile, we invite you to contact our BMB Dental Clinic to book your consultation with Dr Babak Moharrami. He can supervise your bleaching to ensure the best and safest outcome.