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When and why do I need a bone graft for my dental implant?

Dental implants in Mona Vale, NSW require healthy bone to hold them in place. If the jawbone isn’t healthy or dense enough to surround the implant, the bone will shrink over time, and the dental implant will be exposed. When this occurs, the gums don’t attach to the implant’s surface, resulting in a gap between the gum and implant. 

Patients with low bone density in the jawbone may need a bone graft to ensure the implant stays in place. In fact, anyone who has a missing tooth might need a bone graft before placing a dental implant. Every day a tooth is missing, the body experiences bone loss, which leads to disuse atrophy of the jawbone over time. Also, empty tooth sockets can collect bacteria, resulting in infection. 

Jawbone resorption can occur due to gum infection, periodontitis, and bone loss. Typically two months after a tooth extraction, the dental implant should be placed to prevent future problems due to bone loss.

Bone Grafts and Dental Implants in Mona Vale, NSW 

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