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Will dental implants work for me?

Dental implants offer many patients the ideal option for replacing their missing teeth. However, in order for dental implants to be successful, it’s essential to ensure you’re a good fit for dental implants.

The best way to ascertain whether dental implants are the right option for your tooth replacement is with a thorough exam in our Mona Vale dental practice. Dr Babak Moharrami will thoroughly evaluate your dental situation, using x-rays and other diagnostic tools to ensure you have a high chance of success with dental implants. 

One crucial factor that dentists look for when evaluating a patient for dental implants is bone volume. Your jawbone must have enough volume to hold the implant in place securely. 

What Are the Options for Patients with Bone Loss?

If your jawbone isn’t wide enough or long enough to hold a dental implant, the dentist can perform a bone graft to create more bone volume for the security of the implant. 

Additionally, mini-implants, while not ideal, may provide an alternative to traditional implants in some situations, such as when the patient doesn't have the appropriate bone volume or when the cost of traditional implants is a concern. 

Dental Implants in Mona Vale

At BMB Dental Clinic, our experienced dentist, Dr Moharrami, expertly places dental implants for patients using advanced technology. If you need to replace missing teeth, we invite you to contact our knowledgeable team.