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How can I make my dentures last longer?

Dentures are an investment in your oral health, and they can help many patients make improvements in their everyday lives. However, since a lot of time and effort goes into creating your customised dentures, along with some expenses, most patients want them to last as long as possible.

Tips for Maintaining Dentures

To improve the lifespan of your dentures, it’s crucial to maintain them properly. 

Below we’ve listed some tips for maintaining your dentures:

Clean your dentures at least once every day.
To clean your dentures, you can wash them using your toothbrush. However, you should never use toothpaste as it is too abrasive for dentures. Instead of brushing them, you could also simply rinse them off with soap and water.

Keep your dentures moist.
Dry dentures can warp or shrink. When your dentures are not in your mouth, you should place them in water or a denture solution. To disinfect your dentures, you can add salt or mouthwash to the water, especially if they’re sitting in the water overnight.

Use denture cleaning tablets.
About once every month, it’s helpful to do an in-depth cleaning of your dentures using denture cleaning tablets, which can usually be purchased from a chemist. The cleaning tablets eliminate germs and bacteria from the dentures.

Wash your mouth and follow good oral hygiene routines.
To keep your dentures in good shape, it’s important to keep any remaining teeth and your gums clean and healthy.

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