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What is socket preservation?

After a dental extraction in Mona Vale, NSW, the jawbone immediately starts the process of atrophying and loses its original shape. Socket preservation is a treatment your dentist uses to reduce bone loss after removing a tooth. 

Socket prevention involves placing a bone graft in the tooth’s socket––which acts as scaffolding––and bone cells create the bone around the bone graft material your dentist places in the socket. After placing the bone graft into the empty socket, your dentist covers it with a collagen membrane to nourish the bone graft, encouraging healthy and quick regeneration. 

This procedure protects the jawbone and empty socket from decay and creates a more robust support system for the dental implant. 

Once the dentist completes the socket preservation treatment, the patient’s remaining teeth are less susceptible to shifting and loss. Also, your dentist can reconstruct the lost part of the bone with bone graft material and allow the body to replace it with bone cells suitable for dental implants.

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