BMB Dental Clinic

Payment Plans

Sometimes it's easier to pay for your dental care if it's split into payments instead of a lump sum. If that's the case, these payment plans may be beneficial to you.

DentiCare Payment Solutions:

We are pleased to accept DentiCare Payment Solutions for dental services that cost over $500. With DentiCare, patients can pay for dental care over a period of time instead of in one payment. It is considered a direct debit payment plan.

Benefits of DentiCare include:

Zero-interest plans.

  • An affordable setup fee of only $39
  • Only 20% of the total balance of dental services is due upfront, and the remainder is directly debited from your account over an extended amount of time
  • No complicated paperwork. Simply complete the two-page direct debit request form, and our friendly team will take it from there
  • Flexible payment terms of up to 18 months depending on the amount, with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payment arrangements
  • Choose between credit card or savings account for debit payments

Visit for the terms and conditions and more information.

Latitude Gem Visa Credit Card:

This credit card offers another option for patients who prefer to pay in instalments. 

Benefits of Latitude Gem Visa credit card include:

  • No interest for the first six months on everyday Visa purchases over $250 or no interest for up to 55 days on purchases below $250
  • No interest on the credit card balance during those interest-free six months, just a $99 annual fee
  • Revolving line of credit which patients may use for future dental treatments or other purchases
  • Simple monthly payments
  • The entire family can use this payment method for treatments without having to re-apply

To apply for the Latitude Gem Visa credit card and read the terms and conditions, you can visit


Yet another option for those who prefer long-term, small payments over a lump sum payment, Afterpay is helpful for a variety of dental treatments, including root canal treatments, dental implants and crowns and bridges. It can be an ideal option if you need treatment now but can't cover the treatment financially until a later date.

Afterpay Benefits:

  • Fast, easy set up makes using AfterPay convenient
  • Four equal bi-weekly instalments
  • A smartphone app makes managing payments simple
  • Use an existing account or card 
  • Receive an instant decision on whether or not you're approved

To learn more about Afterpay and the terms and conditions, you can visit


Spread out your payments over time with Openpay. This payment plan service includes a variety of benefits.

Benefits of Openpay:

  • No interest
  • Available for more than just dental care and can be used for different services
  • Pay one instalment now and finish your payments with bi-weekly or weekly payments
  • Easy sign up with an app

For more information on Openpay and its terms and conditions, visit