BMB Dental Clinic

Warranty Periods

We are confident about services provided by us, so we guarantee them. This gives you peace of mind which if anything goes wrong and it is caused by us, we are always happy to fix that for you free of charge. We guarantee different services for different periods. Although there are some services which we did not mention below, we always try to provide good customer support, and there is always room for discussion about what we can do to solve the issue.

Our Warranty to You

Dental Implant and Its Components

Dental implants are guaranteed against manufacturing defects. This means, if the implant itself or any of the components break or fail, we will replace that for you free of charge. Of course, some extensive work needs to be done to remove the broken implant and replacing it, but we cover that for you as well. Accidental damage or negligence in caretaking is not covered.

Dental Crown, Bridge and Porcelain Veneer

Warranty is against any chipping or breaking during normal function and as long as there is no accident or negligence in caretaking from the patient side is involved.

Denture, Root Canal Therapy and Night Guard

Dentures and guards are guaranteed against any manufacturing fault. This includes breaking, chipping or for dentures, tooth separation during normal function. Any accidental damage is not covered.

For root canal therapy, it is covered against any problem which we cause. Please consider that the root canal system is very complicated by its nature, and there is always a 10 per cent chance of failure.

Dental Filling and Composite Veneer

We cover fillings and composite veneers against any chipping, breaking or separation from the tooth during normal function. Any negligence in caretaking from the patient side is not covered.